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The Illogical Path: Part 2

by Roy Leon (aka Leo)

Part 1 is here.

Having gained this insight from working in the space industry, I have a few observations… Let’s begin at the perceived beginning.Genesis 1.26. (Depending on which one, of dozens of translations you happen to fall upon.)

Which Grain of Sand?

“To see a World in a Grain of Sand and a Heaven in a Wild Flower, hold Infinity in the palm of your hand and Eternity in an hour.”

My first question is, given the now known size of our Universe, how would the creator decide which grain of sand on which to execute his master plan…. ‘Oh that one looks suitable’

After landing on Earth, what were his first thoughts…? Create mountains and seas, flowers and trees, birds and bees…. And so forth….. Oh wait weren’t the Sun and the Stars his first priority.?


And THEN God said…”Let US make man in OUR own image” I use capital letters to highlight the plural use of ‘Us’ and ‘Our’.

Oh yes, I’ve heard many clergymen explain this to their own satisfaction. As God is everywhere at any one time and that justifies the use of the plural form.

Somehow that argument just doesn’t seem to convince me.

In the Hebrew Bible for instance the word used for God is ‘Elohim’, which is also in the plural. The legions of Bible translators didn’t see the need to translate ‘Elohim’ as ‘The Gods’ .

…. Never mind, none of us are perfect.

In God’s Image?

The next question I pondered over was…. If we are made in God’s image are we to assume that he is a man like us but with super human powers? That’s quite an achievement for any God, to be able to create the universe, with countless billions of stars. Our Sun is just a tiny one of those stars. Also the Planets, Earth, Mountains, Seas, Flowers and Trees, Birds and Bees and yet, so He is humanoid and presumably relatively small. It is not my intention to ignore the fact that He could be female but the Bible doesn’t say so. It is all rather silly to say the least.

The next question is…. Depending on who’s theory you believe in, Adam and Eve were created between 5,000 and 350,000 years ago. The time line is not so important when we are on this Illogical Pathway. So what was all that business about with the creation of the Dinosaurs?

That was some 100-300 Million years before Adam and Eve. Was our Lord disenchanted with this initial creation? Were those magnificent reptiles also in His own image, at that time? Well it was millions of years ago? Did He change His image to that which we believe it is today?

We are left in no doubt by the Bible and similar scriptures that God was the Creator but could He also decreate, or is it uncreate?, or perhaps destroy is the preferred word in today’s jargon.

Personally I think not, because we are led to believe that it was a rogue asteroid that crashed into Earth and cleared off all the Dinosaurs some 60 million years ago. Do we have to assume that God directed this asteroid to crash into Earth to destroy his creation? Surely with His unlimited power, He could have devised a less destructive method of eliminating dinosaurs. It was after all not only the Dinosaurs that were eliminated, most of life on Earth was also destroyed.

Perhaps He wanted them out of the way to make way for His new creation, which was mankind. We know of course that hominids already existed for a very long time before The Adam.

Was The Adam then the first of Homo Sapiens? I refer to ‘The Adam’ as do some translations of the Bible, especially the original Hebrew. Once established in Eden, he is referred to as just Adam.

Oh yes, I am well aware that there are religious fundamentalists that refute the age of the Earth and even the existence of the Dinosaurs. Well we are on the Illogical Path so we must not forget nor ridicule their beliefs.

Whatever the case, from the creation of the Earth, generally accepted to be about 4.5 Billion years ago, to the creation of The Adam, God was clearly in no hurry to create a man in His own image.

Except that Genesis tells us that God first created the Earth and then he created the Sun and the Moon and the Stars, i.e. the Firmament Genesis [1:6-8 the firmament was called heaven. Ed, no matter.] That is a bit of a contradiction to present knowledge. However the more ancient cuneiform tablets to not confuse this important issue.

The Sons of God Paradox

Reading further on in the Bible – Genesis [6:2 Ed] – It says.. ‘The sons of God saw that the daughters of man were fair and took them for their wives’. Again this phrase depends upon which translation you chose to read. The Hebrew Bible still states ‘Elohim’ i.e…. The Gods.

So who were these ‘Sons of God’ or perhaps ‘Sons of the Gods’. Were they also Gods? Or just Angels? Either way as the Sons of God they must have been pretty spectacular.

If then God had sons, can we assume that He also had a wife or at least a female partner. Or could He just create sons at will? If we accept that He had a female companion, can we assume that she too was a God or rather a Goddess? Wow this Illogical Path is becoming winding and stony. If He had sons either by traditional methods or even if he created them from nothing. I am left wondering why He didn’t have daughters, who might have found the sons of man alluring.

And anyway haven’t we read in the good book that Jesus was his only begotten son.?

I have learned from Learned Hebrews that their Holy book states that the translation is clearly ‘Compatible’. The sons of the gods found the daughters of man to be compatible.

It could get worse if we accept the above, as we have to ask ourselves if this is a possibility then it is also possible that He might have had a brother and or a sister and they too could have had offspring. Were they also Angels? And how many of them could you Cit on to the head of a pin?

Did they live in heaven with God when they were not on Earthly missions?

Whichever deviation from the true path you chose to follow we are back to the written fact that God’s male offspring took a fancy to the female offspring of mankind and procreated with them. ‘Their sons were men of renown’ (genesis 6:4) hardly surprising considering their lineage. Alas no mention of the daughters being worthy of note. Perhaps, because the Bible was compiled by a Semitic people. The female of the species were considered chattels, not unlike many of today’s women in many parts of some Semitic lands.

So these Sons of God came DOWN to take the daughters of mankind. We ask ourselves DOWN from where? Well Heaven of course. That seems to be pretty obvious. We still look up into the heavens. There is no mention that the Sons of God remained on Earth with their families, or that they took their families back to Heaven with them.

[to be continued]

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