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Please Sir… A Poem by Khaled Hammad

by Khaled Hammad

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Please sir…

‘God created us in his own image,’ you say,

But how does god physically function?

Does god eat and breathe, have organs?

Does god have kidneys, and a liver to filter blood,

And a heart, veins and arteries to pump it through?

Where does god’s energy come from, sir?

And most of all, does god have a brain?

Does god think and focus or get distracted?

How does god love the righteous and not the sinful, sir?

Does god use electrical impulses, action, potential and hormones,

Like the science teacher taught us?

Or does god use other means?

How does god make decisions, sir?

Is god in charge of his own emotions?

Or is god as helpless as us, sir?

Please sir…

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  1. bazza

    I’m sure that any ‘holy man’ would tell you that these questions are all profound mysteries and that you must “have faith”.
    Mark Twain would tell you that ‘Faith is believing what you know ain’t so’.

    1. challenger72

      Hi Barry,
      Thank you for your comment. You know all the correct answers. That is precisely what they say. Hope you’re well 🙂

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