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The Anglican Hierarchy

by Steven Carrigan

The priesthood is not corrupt because vestments enable child sex abusers to host tea parties for little children. This is less of a problem for Anglican priests (as opposed to Catholic priests) since they are at least allowed to have wives to fuck. It is still a problem, however. But that is to confuse a single consequence (among many other undesirable consequences, equally inevitable) with an underlying cause.

One of the underlying causes is simply a matter of nomenclature.

For a religion based on the kid (JC)’s philosophy to have generated such a list of titles is inherently evil and points to deeper levels of corruption. For instance:

The Most Revd and Rt Hon the Lord Archbishop
The Most Revd the Lord Archbishop
The Rt Revd and Rt Hon the Lord Bishop
The Rt Revd the Lord Bishop
The Rt Revd
The Very Revd the Dean
The Very Revd the Provost
The Ven the Archdeacon
The Revd Canon
The Revd Prebendary
Rural Dean
The Revd Professor
The Revd Dr
The Revd

What does Revd signify?

It is an abbreviation of “Reverend”.

What does Reverend mean?

One who is to be revered. There is an alternative meaning, but it is no better: one who must be respected (begging the question: for what?)

What did God say?

Well, you know that. He said he was the main man (I’m the Daddy), and you shall have no one else.

Would the Daddy have approved all these tin pot reverends aggrandising reverence for themselves?

No. The gates of hell are swinging wide open and the more “mosts” and “right honourables” they add to their self-diagnosed entitlement to the reverence of us mortals the wider they gape.


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