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The Illogical Path: Part 3

by Roy Leon (aka Leo)

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The Clay Tablets

Having an inquisitive mind I have read many books of all genres and I have to admit that I do favour the writings found on Clay Tablets in Iraq. These are in a script called Cuneiform.

It is not easy to obtain accurate translations and that is to be expected from a language that has been dead for 6,000 years. Nevertheless it does intrigue me to learn that many, if not most of the stories found on these old clay tablets are the same as the stories we find in the Torah and the Old Testament. Which does lead me to believe that as these cuneiform stories were infinitely older than the Bible, then the Bible must have been compiled using these well known stories of those ancient days. It is in fact understood that the Bible is a compilation of the scriptures known and found in the days when the Bible was first placed into a Scroll on it’s completion. It is also well known that not ALL the scriptures-(just the Latin word for Writings)- of the time were considered suitable material for such a hallowed document.

So WHO was it exactly that decided what was and was not suitable for inclusion? A very similar process was gone through to produce the New Testament by some 300 Bishops in Nicaea in 379. Some scripture just didn’t make the grade and were omitted. So whilst many can accept the Bible as the Truth, it does not appear to be the Whole Truth and nothing but the Truth. There are still so many enigmas. Some enlightenment came when we discovered one of these omitted scriptures, now called the book of Enoch.

Enlil and Enki

Back to the Cuneiform scripts for a moment…. They tell us of a time when ‘The Gods’ knew of the impending Flood. Enlil the leader of the gods decided not to tell mankind of the coming disaster. Enlil made the other gods swear that they would not warn mankind. Enlil had a brother called Enki and Enki did not agree that mankind (which he had created) should perish but he could not break his oath. This was in the city of Shuruppak and the Temple Priest there was a man called Ziusudra who was much loved and respected by the god Enki. Possibly his son by a daughter of man (wow! That rings a bell) Enki spoke out loud in the temple from behind a screen, knowing full well that Ziusudra would be in hearing range. Enki told him to build a boat that could tumble and turn and take in it the essence of all animals, plus, physically his immediate family and friends.

This is very similar to the story of Noah and his Ark. The Bible tells us that Noah had to take in ALL the animals Two by Two. Elephants, Giraffes, Kangaroos, Polar Bears, Penguins, Pumas and countless others, that would have required an ENORMOUS boat. I am also left wondering how Noah was able to obtain all these beasts from the far flung corners of the Earth? How could he build such a large boat in such a short time, One week’s notice was all that was given. Remember he did not have God’s help, as God didn’t know what was happening down there in Noah Land. And as the incomparable Eddie Izard said…. The Ark would also need one huge room for all of the Pooh! The logistics alone put this firmly on the Illogical Path.


The original story written in Cuneiform is much more tangible. It was translated from Sumerian into Akkadian where Ziusudra was changed to Atrahasis and later the Babylonians called him Utnapishtim but keeping the story intact. Millennia later when the story hit the headlines in the biblical lands the name was changed again to Noah, to protect the innocent and the unbelievable element, or perhaps the unexplainable part of the story was changed and or eliminated.

And yet this abridged story of Noah is the story that was acceptable to the compilers of the Bible and the story that we still indoctrinate our children with today.

The original story of Ziusudra aka Atrahasis aka Utnapishtim was slung into the trashcan, heavily labeled MYTH!!! We all silently adopted the abridged version with our own Biblical Hero NOAH!

Reading many translations of these old cuneiform scripts that have been condemned to the realms of Mythology, it does seem that they had more veracity than the much later and much altered Biblical accounts.

The Belligerence of God

On a final note I am also much puzzled and concerned by all of the fussing and fighting going on in the world, particularly in the middle east, where we are to assume that the majority are all God fearing folk with strong religious feelings reside.

My question to them is …. When God/Allah created mankind why did he make him so belligerent? Was that also in God’s own image.? Was He then a belligerent soul at heart.?

Surely He could have created a race of people with Peace and Love in their DNA.

As an Omnipotent and Omnipresent God of formidable power, why does he need to enlist the services of wild eyed fanatics to dispose of His enemies, i.e. those that don’t necessarily believe in total submission to His will.? Surely the click of a finger could dispose of all that displeased him. Indeed why does He permit silly mankind to splinter off into dozens of religions with even more dozens of sub religions. This surely is what causes all the fussing and fighting.

He appeared to several of the old testament prophets, not always speaking through a cloud or a burning bush, or to one man at the top of a mountain.

The Forgotten People

And what of the forgotten people, the Amazon Indians, the lost tribes of New Guinea, Tribes in the middle of the African jungles, to name but a few. They have existed for at least 50,000 years in Australia and who knows how long elsewhere. They knew nothing of God, Jesus, Mohammed or heavenly Angels. Some still have no knowledge of them to this day. Can we assume that the creator of mankind has no time for these lost tribes. He prefers to just relate his existence to a few desert, tent dwellers and leaves these very few people to spread his word. Surely this mighty Lord of creation has better methods of communication to reach the masses.

All it needs is one BIG epiphany for all mankind to witness the Lord renting forth on which is the true path. That should put everyone in their place once and for all.

Maybe I could temporarily bring an end to this journey by asking…Who were the Angels.?

The Angels

I believe the original Hebrew word was Malachi, which in today’s English translates as Emissary. The first translation into Greek called the Septuagint had trouble with this word and simply used the Greek word for Messenger which was Angelos, later it was translated into Latin as Angels.

So who were they, that lived up there with God.? Sons? Relatives, lesser gods? Any FEMALES?

Oh that reminds me, On his journey to see his betrothed didn’t Jacob fall asleep with his head on a stone, there was a kerfuffle of noise that woke him and he saw Angels climbing a ladder to heaven. The Jacob’s Ladder is a well known rope ladder on ships used to clamber up the sides of the ship.

But wait, didn’t Angels have wings, what did they need a ladder for? Was Jacob hallucinating?

Hey Lets not get too excited, we are still travelling down the Illogical Path to destruction. Thank the Lord that He is still with us to give us a helping hand.



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