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When ‘They’ Created Humanity

by John Dillon


God made a pretty botched job of creating us, didn’t ‘they’? Gender neutral pronoun here. No, of course I don’t believe in they, but just saying for the sake of argument. Anyway, if they did do so, we can acknowledge that in our neck of the woods, we get to live for a while, and have developed a reasonable level of sentience. However, our species is well on the way to exhausting the world’s natural resources, is persecuting much of its fauna to extinction, and is eradicating great swathes of its natural flora. Unfortunately, nothing even comes close to competing with us in the survival stakes. Simply, our self-destructive impulses have got the better of us. To be sure, once we’re gone, anything left will be well shot of us. So, god’s experiment in creating humanity will have gone nowhere, fast. As a species, we’ve been around for say 200,000 years. Give us another 50,000 if our luck holds. That’s it. Pretty pointless, if you ask me.

But if by some fluke we manage to hang on in there for a tad longer, look what awaits us in around 4.5 billion years’ time, a collision with the Andromeda Galaxy, and as back-up, god’s arranged for the sun to expire just about then. Let’s put it this way, not a good outcome, is it?

I’m not going to bang on about god’s purpose and such like. I’ve already done so in previous posts. In any case, you’ll have heard the justification many times through the inescapable indoctrination imposed on you by the education system and by religious institutions. They’d rather us hang on to ideas that got us into all of this trouble in the first place – you know, made up by people who hadn’t a clue about quantum mechanics and so forth. Why do they bother, I wonder, when surely they have access to this same information about our inevitable doom as the rest of us? Why don’t they just park their ideas about us being here for a reason and concentrate on preserving our precious environment so that we can perhaps make that 50,000 year stretch after all?

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