Atheism UK 2020 AGM, Saturday 5th September by Zoom

The Atheism UK 2020 AGM will be on Saturday 5th September at 4 pm to 4.45 pm by Zoom. At the AGM, the Atheism UK Council will review 2019/20 activities, finances and decide who will sit on the Council in 2019/20. The AGM is for fully paid up members only, who will be invited by email or can attend via this link.

After the AGM at 4.45 pm, Atheism UK Council, members and non-members will have a discussion on the purpose, role and activities of Atheism UK. For the non-Atheism UK fully paid up members please join the Zoom waiting room before 4.45 pm by clicking on this link. This discussion will end at 5.30 pm.

Atheism UK Membership

Membership of Atheism UK is £24 per year by Direct Debit (GoCardless). Concessionary Membership is £12 per year (available for registered full-time students, pensioners & means-tested benefit claimants).

Atheism UK Council

Atheism UK Council currently meets monthly by Zoom. In 2021, after the Covid-19 dissipates, we hope to also meet again quarterly in London.  Fully paid-up Members are welcome, by invitation, to join the Council.

David Silverman’s talk to Atheism UK – Fighting God: Using Firebrand Atheism to Kill Religion Dead

David Silverman’s talk was organised by the Council of Atheism UK.  David is President of American Atheists and the recipient of the 2017 Richard Dawkins Award. He talked about his book ‘Fighting God: An Atheist Manifesto for a Religious World’.

The talk was held at ConwayHall to a packed (78 attendees, plus we had to turn 3 more away even though they had tickets because they were late) Brockway Room on Monday 24th July 2017. Watch the 80-minute presentation below.

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Religion irrelevant? Atheism UK debate at Bath University.

religion irrelevant
Norman Bacrac, Atheism UK Council Member

Is religion irrelevant today? Atheism UK was invited by Bath University to debate religious societies. The motion was: “This house believes that religion has become irrelevant in today’s society.” 

Atheism UK’s council member Norman Bacrac agreed to talk for the debate motion.

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